The Gist of Leviticus

(Most facts and verses taken out of God Girl Bible 2011 by Hungry Planet.)

What is a Levite? Descendants of Levi who were set apart as religious workers. They were commanded to serve the name of the Lord forever. (Deut. 18:1-8) 

Key Verses:

“Respect your mother and father. Observe my days of worship. I am the Lord your God.” (Lev. 19:3)

“Show respect to the elderly, and honor older people. In this way you show respect for your God. I am the Lord.” (Lev. 19:32)

“I will put my tent among you, and I will never look at you with disgust. So I will live among you and be your God, and you will be my people.” (Lev. 26:11-12)

Author – Probably Moses

Time – Probably around the fifteenth century BC

Place – Probably the wilderness of Sinai

Written to – The Israelites


Leviticus was written as a guide for people on how to live clean and holy lives. A lot of what it discusses are rules people should follow to not be saved, but to be holy and pure and right with God all around. Although we don’t have to follow these regulations any more, Leviticus still helps us fully wrap our heads around the requirements people lived by to serve a holy God.

To start off, Jesus isn’t your “home boy” or your “dude”. Call him that, but you’re way off. You know, He loves you and He’s always involved in your life, but He’s more than just another friend. God commands His people to be holy and apart from others. They had to do well and be different than the rest of the world, different than those who weren’t following Him. They needed to work at protecting cleanliness and obeying laws so that as they were in His presence, they would be accepted. But then Jesus came, and a lot has changed. His sacrifice set you free from sin. When you talk to God, never forget the cross. Remembering what Jesus did should lead you to live in holy reverence. Be in awe of that! 


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