The Struggle for Happiness

(Most facts and verses taken out of God Girl Bible 2011by Hungry Planet.)

In Amos 5:4, God says, “Search for me and live.” Don’t worry about what you’ve done, go back to God and live! Sometimes people see God punishing sin and wonder if He’s dangerous, or disloyal.  It can be scary to think of the wrath, but the message we see being repeated through out the entire Bible is God’s love for everyone no matter how often they mess up. It doesn’t matter how you’ve slipped up, or even how often, because God still loves you and offers another way, “Search for me and live.” 

If you’re living in a dark place, and you feel numb with all the disaster and sin, flee from it all and run to God to live. When you risk leaving all of the secular, worldly things, to run as quick as you can to God, you risk pure bliss. Don’t cover up your mistakes and try to keep them in hiding, but bring them out into the light so that you can run free of baggage back to Him. “Don’t worry about not being prepared or needing to get things right first — His love has no prerequisite. Know that whatever condition your heart is in today, you can go back to Him and love.”



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