Listening More To The Gospel Of Jesus

One of the things we’re taught so often is that we have to search our heart for sin before worshiping the Lord. Each time we do so, we bring up all of this shame and end up feeling too unworthy of worshiping such an awesome God. The more we search ourselves, the more sin we find, and we feel too condemned to even think we’re qualified for His holy presence.  Instead of being conscious of the love of our Savior, we become more and more self-conscious. We become more conscious of our sins, uncleanness, guilt and unworthiness. But before we search, we’re raising our hands and all ready to bring glory to God. We’re ready to praise Him like there’s no tomorrow. The more we see the sin in our lives, the more we hang our hands and bow down our heads with disappointment. How do we have the courage to enter His courts with praise? Don’t get me wrong, sin is wrong, and we shouldn’t purposely abuse God’s grace by sinning because we know we’re forgiven. I think it’s important not to be too sin conscious at the same time. The idea that you have to be “right” to come before God or worship Christ is man’s tradition. In Luke chapter 7, a woman comes to Jesus with an alabaster flask of fragrant oil, falls at His feet, and praises Him. With her tears she cleansed His feet and wiped them with her hair before she anointed Him with oil. The Bible clearly records that the woman was a sinner, but doesn’t say anything about her searching her heart or confessing her sins before worshipping Jesus. She worshipped Him just as she was and Jesus said to her, “Your sins are forgiven.”

I’m thinking the devil has tried to rob us of this tremendous truth to keep it from us. Whatever your need is, come to your Savior Jesus Christ. He’s your healer, your provider, your peace, your forgiveness. He is your “I AM”. He is your “I AM” in whatever situation life is throwing at you. Worship Him as you are, and He will meet you at your point of need. You don’t have to worry about your sins because you’re worshipping your forgiver. You don’t have to worry about the sickness or illness you’re facing because you’re worshipping your healer. Do you know anyone who cleans themselves before they take a bath? There’s so many people who stray from coming to Jesus, and avoid Him because they feel they have to straighten out their lives first. Jesus is the bath that makes us clean. 

The way out of this feeling of being sin conscious is hearing more on the finished work of Jesus and the forgiveness for our sins. As we listen to Christ exalting teachings we’re more conscious of the forgiveness rather than our sins. Again, not saying it’s okay to abuse that forgiveness. As soon as we stop carrying sin-consciousness and condemnation in our minds and hearts, we’ll be over taken by the pureness of God’s Word. 

God knows we need to be reminded of forgiveness and be reassured of it, so the Bible makes it clear. It’s discussed in Psalms 103 when the “benefits” from the Lord are listed. He starts with “who forgives all your iniquities” before moving on to, “who heals all your diseases”. We see a reflection of this when Jesus meets the man sick with palsy in Luke. 

I do not deny sin must be punished, but all your sins have already been punished on the body of Jesus. He’s the perfect sin offering, and we who have received His forgiveness shouldn’t be sin conscious. Read Psalm 103 and realize that forgiveness is yours. Healing is yours. Redemption from destruction is yours. Hallelujah! Believe that your sin debt has been settled and walk in blessings. “Grace isn’t a teaching, or a doctrine, but a person named Jesus Christ.” 


Most of this was written after reading Destined To Reign by Joseph Prince. A lot of this is his wording, so I don’t claim it as mine at all. Awesome book that discusses grace and the finished work of Christ. Bible based and life changing. 


7 thoughts on “Listening More To The Gospel Of Jesus

    • Thank you, and I really appreciated your comment on my post about needing prayer. I’ve really prayed a lot about law/grace lately, and it’s becoming more and more clear. Thanks!

  1. Well said! If we had to be sinless before we could worship God, no one could worship him. He knows we are sinners but he loves us anyway. That’s why Jesus died for us, to cover our sins with Grace. No matter how hard we try not to sin, we still sin. Sometimes it might just be a wrong thought or we might lose our temper but because he loves us we can still come to him. Just like when our children do wrong, we love them and they can come to us. We try to teach them what is right and sometimes we have to correct them, but we don’t love them any less.

  2. It’s not that we shouldn’t be “too conscious” of sin, we should be conscious of it all the time but in being conscious of it, we must not become obsessive over it to the extent it interferes with our relationship with and worship of God.

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