Prayer Request

I have a prayer request if you guys could just take a few minutes to lift this issue up. 

I’ve known for quite sometime that God wants me to be a missionary at some point. I’ve felt especially drawn to countries outside of our own. (USA) For several years now I’ve been really interested in serving somewhere else besides the town I live in now. To start out, I’d like to begin in America and get familiar with being a missionary. 

I live with my grandparents who inspire me daily, as they are strong Christians. They’re really awesome people. My grandma especially, is concerned when it comes to me going on a mission trip. She worries about my safety, and the idea of me being away from home. This is completely understandable, any parent worries over these things. She stresses a little more than others, and as of now, she isn’t okay with me going on a trip. 

I’d like to go on this trip to not only serve others, and my awesome God, but to grow in my relationship with Christ. I think this would be a great opportunity. My two friends and I are looking into JPUSA, (Jesus People USA), to go to Chicago and serve for a week. God willing, I’d absolutely love for us to go. I ask that you guys will pray God gets us where He wants us, when He wants us there. I ask that you’ll pray God changes the heart of my grandma and comforts her with the idea of us going. Please pray for the other parent’s state of mind as well, that they will be in agreement with us going too. We’d like all of our families to be at peace with this idea and support us as we take this opportunity to serve. 


4 thoughts on “Prayer Request

    • Toni, thank you so much. Again, you are always encouraging. Please share our request with others, wether it’s at church or just with a friend. I can’t tell you how much your prayers mean!

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