The Royal Baby

This has been heavy on my heart the past week, I can’t wrap my mind around the idolization. I understand the hype that comes with having a baby. I realize how huge it is when a man and woman welcome new life into the world. It’s special, and remarkably beautiful. But people all over the world have been stalking Will and Kate for the past nine months. “When will the royal baby be born? What will it be named? What outfit will it wear first? How will they leave the hospital?”

Women are desperate just to buy the same dress as Kate. I mean searching high and low for something that looks even similar. I guess since Kate wore it, it only makes sense to want the same thing? Media swarms any woman that even resembles her. I get it, she’s just like any other celebrity. Sometimes it’s so hard to remember that all these famous people don’t have some sort of ” magic touch” or all the answers to life. We’re all guilty of wanting to touch the hand of our favorite singer, come on now. TV stations are interrupted instantly by, “It’s a boy!” I recently read on Preacher on the Plaza’s blog, “Apparently all (but one) of the Congressional offices posted congratulatory signs on their doors to Will and Kate. (Seriously do we live in Great Britain?)” 

Maybe I’m a buzzkill for ruining this special moment by bringing up Jesus, or maybe you’d agree that we’re all idolizing the birth of George. George will be brought up as royalty, with cameras capturing his every move. And then there’s Jesus. Let’s give Him some glory outside of just Christmas time. Jesus didn’t get near the attention at His birth, He had 12 wise men. He didn’t have cameras following him, crowds outside, ect. People didn’t want His clothing, nor did He consume their every thought. As this young man grew, He didn’t live in a palace, he faced hardship! George may never experience that. Jesus was born with such a great love, but didn’t receive it in return. 

We have a different royal King. He is the King of all Kings. His name is Jesus, and through Him we have eternal life. Something no kind of worldly king can give us. We’re putting famous people up on high pedestals. I’m not saying it’s not okay to congratulate the couple on their baby! I definitely wish them the best. Next time you see them in the paper, or they’re on every News channel you flip to, think of Jesus.


8 thoughts on “The Royal Baby

  1. Brining up Jesus is never buzz kill! I loved this post. It would be nice if the world celebrated Jesus in the same regard!

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