What odds?

I’ve been learning quite quickly that odds are non existent when we have a God so mighty. Sometimes I think we use obstacles, or “odds”, as an excuse to downplay God’s ability and power. And although we do this without realizing it, we’re merely telling ourselves that the odds are just too big for God to step in and change something. I’m just going to share a few stories:

I was recently thinking to myself about the odds that come along with having a child. Like I said in my last post, bringing a baby into the world is beautiful. But for the longest time I couldn’t see past the risks. I couldn’t see myself having the child that didn’t beat the odds. I was worried that I’d have a lovely little girl or boy who just happened to be the 1 in 150 with a heart defect. And my heart aches for all the parent’s that have children who can’t play sports like the rest, or don’t walk the same. And all the while, my heart is filled with joy, because I know the love they have for that child, and the happiness it brings them. God suddenly spoke to me and said, “With Me, there are no odds.” It’s stuck with me ever since, and what I took away from that was that God has the ability and power to beat the odds, or too diminish the odds. The odds are no more. Is there anything God can’t do? Never.

A year ago I came across someone on Twitter that I didn’t know the first thing about. I felt this overwhelming feeling telling me to talk to him, and ask if I could pray or do anything for him. Of course it was a strange idea, and I almost ignored the feeling. I went for it, and got ahold of him. I explained that I knew God wanted me to talk to him, and he said God was giving him the same feeling. We began writing letters to one another, always sharing this love we have for the Lord together. I thank God daily for him, I truly can’t find words to express the blessing he has placed in my life. Jesse lives roughly 5 hours away, and when I think about how much farther away he could be, it’s as if God placed him right next door. When the circumference of the earth is 24,901 miles, I feel tremendously blessed that Jesse isn’t even 300 miles from my driveway. I’ve thought about meeting Jesse many times in this past year, clinging to some kind of hope that we’d bump into each other some day. I sat down two weeks ago to pray about anything and everything with God. While I was praying, I asked Him for the opportunity to see Jesse before we met in Heaven. Even if it was just once, I just wanted to meet him. A week after praying that, I went on vacation to TN. On my way there, I learned that Jesse was also visiting. That night, I met him just as I had prayed to. On the streets of Gatlinburg, God beat the odds of two people out of the seven billion on earth, coming face to face in a tourist town. Image

I received this story from a woman name Toni, proving that God, yet again, beats the odds. “Right after my husband’s car accident, he had surgery and no one saw anything, but me and our 2 kids saw his toes/feet move a little. I declared at that moment that someday he would walk again. Within 6 months, the therapists had him up walking with a walker. Praise Jesus.”

In Matthew 14:13-21, Jesus feeds 5,000 men, not counting women and children, which may have placed the number at 10,000, or even more. What are the odds that with 5 loaves and 2 fish Jesus could feed so many? What odds can exist when we have such a powerful God? My friends, there are no odds.


5 thoughts on “What odds?

  1. Thank you so much for adding our testimony. This is a beautiful post! I am so glad you and Jesse got to meet and I pray for your friendship. The LORD hears and answers our prayers in the most unique ways. I am so happy for you to finally get to meet Jesse! 🙂

  2. What a lovely story Sara! And that part about our sister Toni, how so lovely. Where did the word “odds” originate from, by the way? There are surely no odds with our God!

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