Going Home

“Please understand, I now have two homes. When I’m at one, I’m away from the other.” – Missionary David Joannes

The Lord has called me back to Africa, or should I say, “home.”

As I was preparing for my first trip, a mentor urged me to watch a movie called Compelled by Love, a film about a missionary couple and their service among the nations. They moved to Mozambique at the peak of the war, with $30 and a God who saves. The woman, Heidi Baker, touched my heart and left a mark that’s lasted. As I fundraised for my first trip, I remembered her and her seemingly never-ending faith. I remembered the many miracles He allowed, the way He used them, the way they were truly His hands and feet, I remembered every bit. She was the most surrendered, sold out person I had seen. She truly loved the world with her hands, stopping for one person after another. She was always on my heart, and never far from my mind. I prayed, day after day, that God would make me like Heidi, in the way that she was a lot like Jesus.

After returning from Africa in July, I went for a visit to Bethany College of Missions, where I had planned to attend next fall. My heart was set on BCOM in all the ways that it could be. Shortly after arriving, the Lord’s discernment had me back backpedalling. Whether I wanted to admit it or not, I knew He was shutting the door. I struggled to find an answer as to why He’d do such a thing – close a door that I already had my foot in. Just days later, I heard from a friend I had met while in Africa. She told me about Iris Harvest, a school in Mozambique. Iris allows you to serve with them for 3 months, then enabling you to be hired by Iris Global as a long term missionary elsewhere.

“It’s run by a woman named Heidi Baker!” she said.

The Holy Spirit just captured every part of me. Every hair on my body stood on end. Every doubt and every fear fell off in an instant. His “peace that surpasses all else,” entirely over came me. Sobbing and laughing, too much at once, I came to the realization that the Lord is making my crooked paths straight. And friends, I’m on my way to Mozambique.


3 thoughts on “Going Home

  1. Sara, I am so happy for you! How awesome is our God? Thank you for sharing this beautiful testimony. I can’t offer much (I’m a non-working seminary student) but I would like to support you. How can I get my donation to you?

    • Beth, thank YOU. I’m so blessed by you, I can’t wait to meet you in Heaven some day. Wow, you are such a sweet woman. You can mail it, or I can set up a way online. Whichever you prefer!

      • Sara, If you will give me a mailing address, I’ll get it out to you as soon as possible. It’s my privilege to partner with you in your ministry and I want to partner with you in prayer as well. My email address is bethandrews29@yahoo.com– please feel free to email me with your needs for prayer or encouragement or if you just need to vent. I may not be able to physically go with you, but I want to be with you in spirit. I can’t wait to hear all that God will do in and through you in Africa.
        Love and Blessings

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